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How Bail Works

Surety bonds are yet another name for bail bonds. This method of bail is considered the most widespread. If the person trying to bail a suspect out of jail doesn’t have the amount of money to carry out the bailing, he can demand the help from bail companies. The company will charge the client around 10% of the bond, and pay the rest themselves. The only catch is that the client has to attend all the court meetings, and if he does so the company will get its invested money back. To explain, if a bail is set at $6000, the client will put in $600 and the company will fill the other $5400.
The company has its money at stake, so it cannot afford to lose it easily. Therefore, the client is urged to bring a co-signer who is the person responsible to pay the fee of the company in case the actual client fails to show up to the meeting. This co-signer is the client’s friend or perhaps a member of the same family. If the client cannot come to the court, the co-signer shall bear the burden of paying the total compensation to the company.

Right to Bail

The American legal system laid the foundation of bail by its underlying rule that everyone is ‘Innocent until proven guilty’. Many more pros of bailing system are present; the weight on the shoulders of taxpayers is reduced, coupled with lessening the number of people in prisons. When you have a bail company to assist you, you are free of tax that you need to pay to the government. That’s not all, the latest research on this matter shows that the criminals who have a bail bondsman by their side are more likely to recover than those who only have a warrant to help them out.

Your Rights

Knowing your rights will always be a good decision, and most certainly if you are a client in the bail system. The state of Florida has more than one law to keep you secure and provide you rights from the company you’re dealing with. However, there are a few legal possibilities that can get you back in jail without your payment being compensated. The good part is that all these possibilities are already told to you in the bond you’ve signed, so that you do not make the mistakes that can throw you behind the bars and that too, without reimbursement of your payment.

• Defendant switches his home place, contact number, and occupational office without informing the bondsman beforehand.
• Defendant leaves the country, without notifying the bondsman and asking for a leave permit.
• Defendant commits another felony apart from minute traffic offenses while being charged with his previous case.
• Defendant misses the court dates and the company is obliged to pay for his absence.
• The defendant shows clear signs that make the bondsman accept that he/she will sooner or later breach their code of conduct.

However, if the defendant is put behind bars without any of the reasons stated above, then the company will have to return his money to the client too.

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