The Bail Process

A love one being arrested can be a traumatic and confusing time if you

are not familiar with the bail process. The information below will

explain how the bail process works.

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Almost half a century has surpasses since A-1 Bail Bonds came into existence and left its mark in the industry. We deal with state, federal and Indian River county bail bonds. These bonds can be displayed in any jail at any particular time. All you need to do is consult our A-1 bail bondsman if you have a warrant. Our office is present in downtown Vero, and the office hours are 24/7. So anytime that you call or come to visit, you will be received by our staff who can guide you regarding your problems. You can even talk to our specialist bail bondsman in Vero beach, if you have any extra inquiries regarding the bail process.

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Loved One Arrested Now What?

If someone broke the law, they are detained by the police and immediately transferred to the Main Jail of Indian River County on 41st Avenue. Here the bail money is pondered upon and deduced. Now anyone close to the arrested person can contact a specialist bail bondsman to assist them in getting their person out of police grasp.

Loved One Arrested Now What?

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If your special one is in jail, you can call up a bail agent any time, so that they can assist you in the bail process. The rate is 10% of the bond, plus the requirement of minimum $100 per charge, as set by the State of Florida. No indemnity is needed in maximum cases unless a certain situation requires it. Your signature means that you are now obliged to attend all court dates, till the case is solved. If it is negotiated between the parties beforehand, that also cancels the case.

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